Good for the Soul


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Good for the Soul Wellness Center is proud to house many organic products to further your quest for your best life. Choosing products with natural ingredients is helping you and the environment alike.  We will be offering products, services, and recommendations for alternative choices for your mind, body and soul's well being.  We will continue to add products and services as we expand our vision of providing all things that our Good for the Soul.

Meet Dr. Thomas Nabity M.D.

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Introducing our first line of products

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in our Good for the Soul Wellness Center from Dirty Love Soap Co.  Come visit us to see a complete line of products. Here is their motto and story:
Love the earth: Use only ethically sourced and
non-toxic ingredients!
Love each other: For every item purchased, one is donated to a sister in need!
Love your self: Only use the best ingredients on       yourself and around your home!

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We began Dirty Love Soap Company in 2017 with a mission. Our passion is the highest quality, natural beauty and home products. Around three years ago, fed up with the natural deodorant offerings, we created our own! We realized that the easiest way to be sure we weren't putting toxins in our body or around our home would be to create our own beauty products! We strive to make the best and most natural products on the market.

We also wanted to make a difference in the world so we have made a commitment that for every product you purchase, we will donate one to a local women's shelter! You can feel good about your purchases knowing that you've given to a woman in need!

All our Love - Rachel and Ariel Achatz

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